Peace Corps Project ~  Ethiopia

     Corey Lawson, nephew of Mrs. McClure, is a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia for the next 2 years. He left the U.S. on October 1, 2012 and will make his new home in Bure, Ethiopia.  Mrs. McClure has connected us with Corey so our class can learn about the Ethiopian culture.  During Lap Top class we type questions to Corey and have colored Christmas color sheets for him to give the Ethiopian children.  We view slide shows that Mrs. McClure has put together from photos that Corey sends her through the computer.  We are looking forward to hearing from Corey by letter or email throughout the school year, 


6th Grade Make Christmas Cards for Ethiopia

 Many 6th grade students made Christmas cards to send to Corey, his Peace Corps friends, and the Ethiopian children.  They are spreading Holiday cheer across the globe!  Although the cards may take a month or more to reach Ethiopia, Ethiopians celebrate on January 7th.

 Corey with his two host brothers in Boru, Ethiopia

 Corey and his Host Family in Traditional Clothes in Boru, Ethiopia

 The women of Ethiopia carrying straw on the roads.  They have to move off the roads if a bus comes by.

 Corey wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from Ethiopia.

 Their Christmas tree in Ethiopia.  They decorate similar to the U.S. only the put notes or messages on the tree.  Notice it says "2005" on one message because it is the year 2005 in Ethiopia!

Corey's message to us:

I made a Nebraska collage of my 6th Grade Students I write to in America.  They sent me their pictures with questions about Ethiopia.

Corey ~ April 2013 ~ Eating American Food
Corey with his Peace Corp friends in Ethiopia

 Corey will leave his Host Family in Boru and make his new home in Bure, Ethiopia, for the next two years.

 Corey performing a Bunna (Coffee) Ceremony in Ethiopia

 Corey taking a Gari ride from Boru to Bure.  A Gari is a horse drawn carriage.

 Corey's Host Family opening Christmas presents sent from Corey's family in Nebraska.

 Corey's Host Father received duct tape from Corey's family in America. He said he would wear it on his arm and "fix everything"!

 Corey's host brothers in their new pajamas from Corey's family in Nebraska.

 Christmas snacks in Ethiopia consists of gunna (Coffee Ceremony), popcorn, oranges and dabo kolo (bread snacks).  

 Our Class Photos

to Corey in


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